Friday, January 23, 2015

AP Macroeconomic Exam GDP Questions (1995,2000,2005,2008)

Be smart, study the sections and understand the question. Do not try and memorize the question. 

Answer (B) 7%

Answer (C) Closing overseas military bases and relocating those operations to the US.

Answer (D) II & III


Answer (C) The government increases its domestic purchase of food for use by the military.

Answer (D) Households are demanders of the product market and suppliers in the factor market.

Answer (B) The price level is increasing.

Answer (A) Negative net investment.

Answer (D) household production

Answer (A) not change, because there is no change in total expenditures.

Answer (C) is adjusted for price level changes using a price index.

Answer (E) savings

Answer #34 (E) additions to business inventories
Answer #35 (C) 6%

Answer (C) Recipients of transfer payments have not produced or supplied goods & services in exchange for these payments.


Answer (B) Nominal national income

Answer (C) 5%

Answer (D) Foreign companies build new assembly plants in the US

Answer (C) net exports were negative

Answer (E) a newly constructed home.